The Island of Misfit Toaster Ovens

So I went by “Wally World” and looked at toaster oven that may fit my project. I found this one:

The misfit Toaster

Reflow Toaster Oven


It was the last of it’s kind in the store. The box was crunched and opened previously. The price was right- only $20 after tax. The next one up was $60 and was twice the size and had a fan inside. This one said 1000W so I snagged it. It is in sad shape. It was probably headed to the island of misfit toaster ovens. The back is all dented up as seen in this photo. The cord is only about 2ft long. A bunch of the screw were loose and some don’t have any bite into metal.

I plugged it in and power it up. It has plenty of heating capability. It has a few different settings that I will try out and an always on position on the timer switch.

I have a Thermocouple Amplifier (MAX6675) breakout board – v1.0 that I will be using to sense the temperature with the arduino. I guess I should get that built and working next.


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